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The Shocking Sussexs; the tell-all interview that has divided the nation

This week the UK erupted into a civil war of words. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sat down with superstar American host Oprah Winfrey and gave a tell-all interview that has divided the nation.

Debates started before the Sussexs even sat down to tell, what has since been widely referred to as ‘their truth’. People have been debating whether this couple, who had escaped to America and left their royal duties supposedly to live a more private life, were hypocrites for emerging from their Hollywood house to chat to Oprah.

Since, the debates have not ended. Good Morning Britain seems to have adopted its position as the microcosm of the nation in response to the Meghan and Prince Harry drama. Piers Morgan stormed off the set after having a fiery argument with the weatherman Alex Bereford. The pair had disagreed over Meghan’s bombshell statements such as her suicidal thoughts, fights with the Duchess of Cambridge and the accusations of racism. Which side are you on? Meghan or Kate? Who asked about the colour of the baby? Is she telling the truth? These questions have been circling the British press and private conversations since the UK was able to watch the interview on Monday 8th March.

These debates are set to continue, despite the Queen’s response, the papers are still filled with discussions of the interview alongside competing opinions of the Royal Family and the outspoken couple.

Polls have shown that opinions have shifted and people feel passionately about the accusations and the people involved in what started as an interview but has become a scandal. Within the young population over 50% of 18-24-year-olds like both Meghan and Harry. This is in stark contrast to the older members of the UK. It was revealed that over 83% of over 65s dislike Meghan and 69% have negative opinions of Prince Harry. Prince Charles has suffered in terms of public opinion after the interview, presumably after discussions of strained relationships with his son Harry. His positive ratings have dropped almost 10% and his negative ones have risen by 8%.

These big changes in public opinion show just how salient this family is in the UK. What can be seen is a big generational divide. It is apparent that younger people are more willing to battle on the side of the Sussex’s in this dispute and the older generation is supportive of the Queen, Prince William and Prince Charles.

Not only is this a war of opinion but a war of the generations. The much unwavering support for the Royals after the shocking revelations seems to show that despite the shocking accusations against the family they will continue to be an important part of the nation. However, this civil war of words is far from over. It appears that the press and public will continue to battle, more shouts for republicanism may be heard, further accusations about both sides surely will make their way into the fight, it is still not clear who will win and how this war will end.

Image: Unsplash

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